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Milk has necessary ingredients that "make a body strong", and God has provided His Word to strengthen and transform, the Body of Christ, and the life of all who read and abide by it.

We invite you to join us in the journey of transformation during our weekly Word On Wednesday Bible study sessions. 

Remember. Restoration. Revival - a Study of Nehemiah

What do you do when you remember wonderful memories of life, but the current condition is bleak, broken and barren? How do you have hope for change when you are surrounded by lack and the dark consequences of your own doing?  As we study the book of Nehemiah, let's uncover God's faithfulness in a fresh light and ourselves as recipients of HIs hope!

The 10-session series is from August 15 - October 18, 2023. log on to our zoom link Meeting ID: 874 0167 9899/Passcode: 953354/Dial in (1 646-558-8656).

Each session is from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm beginning with corporate prayer.

08.16 - Lesson 1 Nehemiah 1:1-11  "Lest we Forget..."
08.23 - Lesson 2 Nehemiah 2: 1- 20  "Preparation.Plan.Provision.Promise"
09.06 - Lesson 3 Nehemiah 3: 1-32 "Power of Unity"
09.13 - Lesson 4 Nehemiah 4:1-23 "God overcomes Discouragement"
09.20 - Lesson 5 Nehemiah 5:1-19  "Becasue of the people"
10. 04- Lesson 6 Nehemiah 6:1-19
10. 11 -Lesson 7 Nehemiah 7:1- 8:18
10.18 - Lesson 8 Nehemiah 9:1-38
10.25 - Lesson 9 Nehemiah 10:1-12:43
11.01 - Lesson 10 Nehemiah 12:44-13-31

Let's get into the lesson...                                                                                                            For each session questions will be posted by the presenter as a guide into the "meat" of the lesson. Feel free to bring your diet and questions for biblical discussion and life application.

Lesson overviews

Lesson 5

“Because of the people”

Nehemiah 5:1-19

Chapter 5 begins with the concern of the people being expressed one to another and then being expressed to Nehemiah. Concerns of finances, famine, policies, and social inequities. This was as a result of Jerusalem’s economy had not recovered from the devastation of being destroyed by the Babylonians Now this struggling economy has to work together to build up not just the walls but the peoples’ lives. And here is Nehemiah’s challenge - to do this because of the people.

Questions for Lesson 5 

1. What three concerns are voiced by the people? Verses 1-5
2. What was the cause of the concerns and how were they addressed within the society?
3. Did Nehemiah spiritualize the issue? Verses 6-8    
4. How was the system accountable to the concern? Verses 4, 5, 8 
5. Why was confrontation of the issue necessary? Verse 9
6. What three steps did Nehemiah take as the political leader? Verses 14-19
7. What effects are in this lesson regarding violations of God’s principles of finance?


Every person has been created in the image of God, and we honor him when we treat others with dignity, especially when they are oppressed. Regardless of the culture we live in, there will always be oppressed people around us—perhaps we have experienced oppression ourselves.

God has equipped us to be a blessing to others and boldly address the injustices around us by exchanging entitlement for service. Our sacrifices will help bring freedom to those under oppression. As we seek justice inside and outside the body of Christ, we bring light to darkness and reveal God’s heart to the world. Dr. E. Mason

To learn more click on the link below to a RightNow Media video.

Lesson 4
Nehemiah 4: 1-23
“God overcomes discouragement.

1. Why were Sanballat and Tobiah wroth? V1.
2. How did they attempt to discourage the Jews? Vs. 1-8
3. Why was Nehemiah’s prayer so harsh? Vs. 4,5
4. Were the Jews discouraged? If so, why?
5. What was Nehemiah’s response?

As God’s people, we will face opposition. We might experience resistance on a surface level, but we know it originates in the spiritual realm as the enemy seeks to discourage progress of God’s kingdom in and through our lives. In order to withstand attacks from the enemy, we must cling to a deeply rooted faith in God and move forward with practical action.

Remember, God actively fights for us. Therefore, we can move forward through opposition with hopefulness because our God is with us. This week, consider how you can endure opposition by expressing your faith through prayer and practical action.  Dr. E. Mason

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