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Milk has necessary ingredients that "make a body strong", and God has provided His Word to strengthen and transform, the Body of Christ, and the life of all who read and abide by it.

We invite you to join us in the journey of transformation during our weekly Word On Wednesday Bible study sessions. 

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Jars of Hope - A Study of Ephesians 

Every jar of honey in a grocery store only reaches its purpose when the contents are used. It is not the jar, but the contents put in the jar, that satisfies an intended need. God knew that we needed New Life, and He places this New Life in believers and calls us “children of light.” The letter to the believers at Ephesian is Paul’s desire that they, and we, grasp the Gospel of hope, experience the Spirit’s changing power with hope and delight in that hope as “ambassador of Christ.”
We are jars of hope that God wants to use, and He places us in different “grocery stores” so that others can see the hope we have within.

During the next seven (7) sessions with fresh hearts, we’ll explore Paul’s letter and be ready to make known ‘the hope of His calling’ to a world seeking containers of hope (Eph. 4:4)

The 7-session series is from November 8 - December 27 ,2023. log on to our zoom link Meeting ID: 874 0167 9899/Passcode: 953354/Dial in (1 646-558-8656).

Each session is from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm beginning with corporate prayer.

Lesson 1    November 8          Ephesians 1:1-23  Spiritual Blessing in Christ
Lesson 2    November 15        Ephesians 2:1- 22 "The Gift of Reconciliation"
Lesson 3    November 29        Ephesians 3: 1-21 "The Revealing of God's
Lesson 4     December 6          Ephesians 4: 1- 24 "A call for unity among God's                                                                           people"
Lesson 5     December 13       Ephesians 4:25-5:21
Lesson 6     December 20       Ephesians 5:22- 6:4
Lesson 7    December 27        Ephesians 6:5-2

Let's  EAT     


Let's get into the lesson...       
For each session questions will be posted by the presenter as a guide into the "meat" of the lesson. Feel free to bring your diet and questions for biblical discussion and life application.

Lesson # 4


Ephesians 4:1-32


Once a house is built the occupants have their responsibility of keeping the house maintained. The occupants are never given the responsibility of building the house because that is already done. But it is their responsibility to maintain what has already been completed. Paul writes to the believers that unity is what God does in the church by his Spirit and we are encouraged, equipped, and empowered to maintain the unity of the Spirit’s work that is already completed for the House of God, His body - The Church. The Church then has a body of “new life believers” that demonstrate the “new self” all believers ought to take on.

Lesson 4 Questions

1.  What can be learned from the personal introduction that the Apostle          uses to open this letter to the church?
2.   Does anything stand out more than others in all of these powerful              verses?

3.   How can we use what the Apostle said, hundreds of years ago, today          in these challenging times?
4.   How can we appreciate God's grace and mercy spoken of in verse 7?
5.   What did we benefit from Jesus’ ascending and descending?
6.   “For the perfecting of the Saints…” verse 12, do you think the Apostle                is thinking of his own personal life before he fell off the donkey?
7.    Explain being focused on our work of the ministry as it relates to                 verses 12 and 13?
8.    How do we qualify as “Dear children” of God? 

Click on or paste the link below for additional resources from RightNowMedia (for adults and kids) 



The primary call is to unity. The recipients of the letter should make “every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (4:3). They are to equip the saints for ministry “until all of us come to the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God” (4:13).



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