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NPC Ministries

Music Department
Our mission is set an atmosphere of praise and worship in the sanctuary, by ushering in the presence of God. The Music Ministry is comprised of: Musicians, and Praise Team.

Sunday School Department

Our mission is designed  for all ages. We  provide power for everyday living and increase students’ spiritual and biblical knowledge.  If you know your bible, the Sunday School needs you!  If you don’t know your bible, you need the Sunday School!


Usher Board


Our mission is to ensure that the Lord's house is in order and provide a positive first impression to those entering the doors of the church, often known as a "silent evangelist."



Hospitality: Prepared to provide support in anniversaries, special services, and programs as designated by the Pastor.

Greeter: Trained official welcomers of the NPC who are pleasant, hospitable, patient and helpful. The goal is to make people feel welcome and comfortable. must be pleasant, hospitable, patient, and helpful.

Mary L. Wright Scholarship Committee

Our mission to provide youth in our community spiritual and financial support to further their academic education through a scholarship in honor of  the Mary L. Wright. The late Mary L. Wright was an educator and First Lady to our Founder, Bishop J. R.  Wright.
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